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Sea Cups take on the BVI

Updated: May 4, 2019

Since we go to great extremes and personal sacrifices to test Sea Cups, it behooved us to rent our own power cat and explore the British Virgin Islands for a week. Business trip! What we learned is what we already knew: a) boats beat land for vacations err uh business trips and b) our tumblers perform better than other tumblers when you are 24/7 boat living.

After carefully crafting a Painkiller with fresh ground nutmeg, the last thing you want to see is your tumbler tipped over. Our crew's Sea Cups always stayed in place and allowed that coconutty goodness to do the job per its namesake. Furthermore no cup confusion fell upon us no matter now long the day carried on into darkness and regardless of how many moments someone pondered where they may have left their tumbler. And with the Sea Cups straw, there was nary a poked mouth or face all week. Mission accomplished Sea Cups.

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