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Born on the Chesapeake Bay...

In an ocean of insulated tumblers, only one was made to go boating. Sea Cups® were designed by boaters for boaters to be the perfect tumbler for fun on the H2O. In addition to creating a stylish, high quality beverage cup, our mission was to address several factors that matter to boaters...

First priority was to design a tumbler that actually fits boat cup holders. We grew tired of tumblers rattling around and falling out when underway. At the same time we wanted our tumblers to work with other styles of cup holders on both sea and land. Our unique solution provides a snug fit and no bouncing or wobbling. Sea worthy!


Next we addressed that end of the day cup confusion. Our designs allow the crew to keep track of who's cup belongs to who. Nautical themes in a classy, uniform style that is yacht worthy

Because metal beats fiberglass, we upgraded the bottom too. Our silicone pad prevents the marring of boat finishes. Also provides stability and a sure surface grip


And lets not forget the straw and lid. We have been poked and gaffed enough with other straws while boating, only to see them broken by days end. This is the straw for boating. It bends, its unbreakable and its comfortable in any condition. 

Plus our lid opens and shuts to keep beverages from sloshing out. Critical on those bouncy rides

Explore Sea Cups

1. Even our straw is boat worthy. Totally bendable silicone so its unbreakable. Plus no stabbing a face when a sip meets a wave. 

4. White powder coating with stainless accents. Fully insulated. Looks hot and stays cool in the summer. Looks cool and stays hot in the winter

2. Closing lid to keep cold or hot beverages from sloshing out in the rough stuff

3. Eight styles of marine artwork to avoid that inevitable cup confusion on board. Get a full set of Sea Cups for the crew

5. Unique compressible silicone Slip-on adapts to wider cup holders and fits virtually any. The silicone rubber also provides a sure grip even in the wet. Its all about the silicone with Sea Cups


6. Padded bottom to prevent scuffing boat surfaces while also providing stability. 

Sea Cups tumblers are powder coated stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated and BPA free. The artwork is laser engraved into the finish on both sides. Quality, durability and style for a marine environment

Love your existing tumblers? Pick up the Sea Cups silicone Slip-ons. They fit any standard 30 or 20 oz tumbler. The bumps compress to adapt to wider cup holders and keep the tumbler firmly in place. The silicone rubber also offers a sure grip in wet conditions. A Sea Cups Slip-on makes an ordinary tumbler a boat worthy tumbler


Enhance to Sea Cups 

From the crew...

"I've spent many a trip with tumblers bouncing around in cup holders and I've had to pick them up off the deck while the action was happening. Sea Cups stay put. They should be required gear"

-Fisher Dedmond, mate on Just Right, winner of the 2019 Va Beach Invitational Billfish Tournament and the 2023 Va Beach Billfish Tournament

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Thank you for supporting Sea Cups. See you on the H2O

"We've been on the boat and the beach and we love these cups! The ice lasts SO well"


"The straw is worth it alone"


"As the guy always in charge of making the drinks on the boat, I can vouch that the different styles solve the problem of everyone losing track of their cup. Very cool"


"Very unique. Our new go to tumblers"


"We are big Ocean boaters and SeaCups is the BEST boating Tumbler (rubber gripper) on the market!"


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